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Safety and Security

At Sisterhood Travels, your safety and security are our top priority.

We recognize that a lot is going on around the world that can give us pause about traveling. But we also know that we’re depriving ourselves of some of the richest life experiences we can have if we let fear control our choices to participate in adventures we want to engage in.Sisterhood Travels Punta Cana Three women on a private boat in swimsuits smiling together trio 1920 e1686932681632 | Solo Travel For Women | Sisterhood Travels Group Tours

Traveling with The Sisterhood provides an extra layer of safety and security for all our sisters. If you’re a solo traveler, navigating the ins and outs of arrival and departure to your destinations can be scary and downright frustrating. We ensure that you know exactly what you must do and when to do it regarding rules, regulations, crossing borders, and so much more.

Our Tour Directors, Tour Managers, and Group Leaders – not to mention our amazing Tour Coordinators, have you covered from when you book your trip to when you board your last flight home. We ensure you have every ounce of information you need when you need it so that you’re prepared.

You’re never alone unless you want to be when you travel with The Sisterhood!

About The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood

Who are our Sisters? Well, we’re you! We value old friendships but love making new ones. We’re intellectually curious and love a unique adventure to parts unknown. We may be single, divorced, widowed, or simply have a partner who doesn’t want to travel. Most of all, We’re kind, compassionate women who look forward to cultural immersion, exclusive adventures, lots of laughs, and the magic of Sisterhood.