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Sisterhood Travel’s looks to empower women to explore the world on their own terms. We understand the unique challenges that solo female travelers may face and strive to foster a community of adventurous women who can rely on each other for companionship, safety, and fun-filled adventures.

Our belief is that travel is not just a luxury, but a means of empowerment, personal growth and understanding the world we live in. We aim to redefine the concept of travel for women, making it less about ticking off destinations and more about embracing new experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

We provide opportunities for women to build self-confidence, become more independent, and create lasting connections with like-minded women across the globe. We are here to ensure that no woman should ever feel she can’t explore the world simply because she doesn’t have a companion.

Stacey Ray

Stacey Ray, the powerhouse behind Sisterhood Travels, epitomizes resilience and the spirit of exploration. As the Founder and CEO of several notable travel companies, including On The Agenda Events and Groupit Travel, her crowning achievement is undoubtedly Sisterhood Travels. This women-only travel company, under Stacey’s expert guidance, offers an inclusive platform inspiring and empowering women through memorable travel experiences.

Stacey, fueled by the shared wanderlust she enjoyed with her late husband, Mike, has voyaged through over 80 countries. This shared passion continues to invigorate the ethos of Sisterhood Travels. In the aftermath of Mike’s passing, Stacey channeled her passion and their shared memories into creating a secure and engaging travel community for women. Sisterhood Travels was born from the understanding that many women wish to explore the world but prefer companionship and safety on their journeys.

Stacey Ray is the founder of Sisterhood Travels

How it All Began

Welcome To The Sisterhood

Welcome to Sisterhood Travels! We’re more than just a travel company – we’re a vibrant, all-women band of adventurers, passionate about sharing the magic of travel. Here, we celebrate the camaraderie of women, bonding over incredible journeys that fill our hearts with laughter and unforgettable memories.

We want you to know that Sisterhood Travels is for every woman. Whether you’re single, divorced, or widowed, or perhaps your partner isn’t quite as bitten by the travel bug as you are, we are here for you. Our space is inclusive, where every woman can be her authentic self, explore freely, and not face any fear or discomfort.

Our excursions offer the perfect blend of camaraderie and exploration. From soothing wellness retreats to thrilling adventure escapades, each trip is thoughtfully designed to allow you to explore a new destination and form meaningful connections with other women from diverse backgrounds. It’s about the shared experience, the laughter and stories exchanged, and the lifelong friendships formed.

Each journey is tailored to immerse you into the local culture, with expert guidance to share insights on traditions, customs, and history. And of course, sprinkled throughout are unique experiences you won’t find elsewhere – imagine floating in a hot air balloon, savoring a local wine tasting, or rejuvenating in a serene yoga retreat.

Every trip with Sisterhood Travels is an opportunity for personal growth, self-discovery, and an immense boost of confidence. It’s a safe haven to share your unique travel tales and connect with like-minded women who share your wanderlust.

At Sisterhood Travels, we believe every woman deserves the chance to marvel at the world’s wonders in a way that is safe, empowering, and deeply authentic. And we’re beyond excited to extend this opportunity to you.

So, how about it? Ready to embark on our next delightful adventure? Join us and embrace all the amazing experiences and deep connections the Sisterhood Travels community has in store for you!