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Roommate Matching

Roommate Matching – Made Easy!

Welcome to our Roommate Matching service – you’ve just stepped into a world of shared adventures!

Wondering why there’s a price difference between single and double occupancy reservations? Here’s the scoop:

  • Double Occupancy: Shared accommodation between two Sisters.
  • Single Occupancy: Designed for one Sister, usually smaller in size, especially in Europe. This often requires a ‘single supplement fee,’ which increases the price.

Booking as a single occupancy might feel intimidating, especially if you don’t want to be alone. You might not have someone to travel with due to various reasons like finances or health. However, sharing a room with someone, even if they’re a stranger, can be an exciting and enriching experience!

How does Roommate Matching work?

  1. Choose Your Tour: Select your desired trip from the drop-down menu on the reservation form.
  2. Select Occupancy: Choose “Double Occupancy” for a shared room.
  3. Select Room Type: Choose your preferred room type.
  4. Fill Out Required Information: Click ‘Next’ and continue entering the required information.
  5. Additional Services: Answer “Yes” to “Would you like for us to assign you a roommate?”
  6. Smoking Preference: Answer the smoking question.
  7. Bedding Configuration: This will automatically update to “2 Separate Beds”.
  8. What Happens If There’s No Match? Select your preference for what you’d like if we are unable to match you with a roommate.
    1. Options:
      1. Upgrade to a Single Occupancy at your own expense.
      2. Find your own roommate and keep your shared room.
      3. Cancel your trip and get a refund – minus the non-refundable deposit.

Frequently Asked Roommate Match Questions:

    1. We will not match a smoker with a non-smoker.
    2. We strongly recommend that if you’re a smoker, you consider single occupancy as we cannot guarantee that we can find a roommate match for you.
    1. Roommate matches come a few weeks after the final payment! Your Reservation Coordinator will email introductions, so you’ll have plenty of time to chat and exchange numbers before the trip.
    1. We match based on age, geographical location, and any additional information about your travel experiences and communications with us.
    1. We highly recommend a Single Occupancy.
    2. If you’re a risk taker, we highly recommend earplugs and an eye mask.
      1. We recommend Decibullz or Loop Earplugs – these companies make the best earplugs we have found so far, and they can be found online.
    1. Once you opt to have a roommate match, you do not need to search for your roommate.
    1. Roommate matching is a complimentary service offered as a courtesy by Sisterhood Travels to help you find a travel buddy. However, we cannot promise that a match will be available. If we don’t have a roommate for you, you’ll have three options to choose from:
      1. Upgrade to a single room at your own expense.
      2. Find your own roommate and keep your shared room.
      3. Cancel your trip and get a refund, minus the non-refundable deposit.

Fine Print

      1. Sisterhood Travels does not guarantee a roommate match. This service is offered as a courtesy to help everyone travel, regardless of financial situation.
      1. Once the tour begins, we cannot change your room or roommate, even if issues arise such as snoring or illness.
    1. Roommate matching services are not available after the final payment date, unless otherwise specified. If you are unsure about availability, email
    1. You will need to find your own roommate or pay for a single supplement.
    1. Canceling your reservation can affect your roommate. If one occupant cancels, we cannot ensure another roommate will be available. This may leave the remaining occupant responsible for the single supplement fee, which can cause financial difficulties. Please consider this before canceling a double occupancy reservation.