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Waitlist Policy


If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for one of our tours, you can click on the “CLICK HERE TO MAKE MY BOOKING” button for the occupancy you want to be waitlisted for (double or single occupancy). We get cancellations for unforeseen events or illness and we would love to make sure you can join us. Joining our waitlist is the mechanism we use to make sure that if you want to join The Sisterhood, you can!

You will receive a message: “this category is sold out and on waitlist status only. If you complete this form, you will automatically be added to the waitlist in the order in which we received your submission.”

Here’s how it works if you add yourself to the waitlist:

1. You will complete the booking form and pay the trip deposit which is completely refundable if you don’t clear the waitlist.
2. When you clear the waitlist, we will notify you immediately with a confirmation invoice.
3. Your deposit will become non-refundable once you clear the waitlist.
4. You may remove yourself from the waitlist and receive a refund of your deposit as long as you do so before the date you are cleared.
5.  We will automatically refund your deposit if you have not cleared the waitlist within 2 weeks after the date of final payment for the trip.

​If you have any questions before joining the waitlist, please get in touch with us at