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Booking Airfare

“Booking airfare is a complicated and time-consuming process, even for the most advanced travel specialists. Now, with the constant delays, cancellations, and changes made by the airlines (sometimes daily for the same flights), it is even more difficult and stressful.

The team at Sisterhood Travels has tried to assist all of our travelers in securing airfare. With constant price changes, itinerary preferences, and special requirements, it has become more than a full-time job for most of our staff. While we love helping you, we do not get paid for any airline ticketing that we do for you, nor do we get paid for all of the changes, delays, and cancellations, along with rebooking you on other flights. This is no longer sustainable for our business, especially with the time commitment involved beyond booking your tickets with us.”

Effective April 1, 2022, for all newly requested bookings, we will be instituting the following ticketing charges:

  • Domestic tickets (within the United States) – $50.00 per ticket
  • International tickets (outside of the United States) – $100.00 per ticket
  • Ticketing charges must be paid before our beginning work on your request, and all ticketing charges are non-refundable under any circumstances as we will have already done this work for you

This ticketing charge includes the following services:

  • Providing you with up to 3 itineraries with pricing for you to choose from (additional requests will be $25.00 each)
  • Booking your tickets and securing your seats whenever possible.
  • Notifying you of any changes, cancellations, or delays
  • Assisting you with flight changes due to itinerary changes, cancellations, or delays when necessary
  • Including all itinerary and pricing information on your confirmation invoice and itinerary detail
Booking Airfare with Sisterhood Travels


We are happy for you to secure your airline tickets. However, if you wish to email us a copy of your final selected itinerary, we will advise you if the times and dates are appropriate for your trip. We cannot compare prices for you unless you wish for us to book your tickets as described above (subject to ticketing charges). Once you have booked your flights, you must confirm your flight information here

Your confirmation form must be filled out completely.