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overcome language barriers

Overcome Language Barriers For Culturally Enriching Travel

Traveling is one of life's greatest joys, but be honest: language barriers can sometimes feel like one of those unique challenges on the road to adventure. You’ve booked
Villa Romana Hotel & Spa

The Bliss of Solitude

Traveling solo is a liberating and enriching experience, allowing you to embrace independence and explore the world on your own terms. However, one aspect that often concerns solo
Sisterhood Travels Costa Rica

Traveling Together

Traveling is a profound and transformative experience that can open doors to new cultures, perspectives, and lifelong friendships. While the idea of sharing a room with a stranger
global dining etiquette

Global Dining Etiquette: Best Essential Tips for Female Solo Travelers Over 45

Global Dining Etiquette By Country Or Region Dining around the world is not just about savoring new flavors, but also about embracing local customs and global dining etiquette.

dress code etiquette

Dress Code Etiquette Around the World: A Guide for Solo Female Travelers Over 45

When you’re packing for an international trip, do you take into consideration proper dress etiquette for the destination you are visiting? I always try to plan outfits to

What Is A Responsible Cultural Traveler And How To Be One

In this next series of blog posts, we will dive into how to be a better cultural traveler. As women over 45 traveling the world, we need to

Annual vs Single Trip Insurance

Annual vs Single Trip Insurance: Travel Insurance For Women Over 45

When it comes to Travel Insurance for women over 45, you might ask yourself. Annual vs Single Trip Insurance, Which Should I Choose? It can be a hard

travel insurance claims

Navigating Travel Insurance Claims: Tips For Women Over 45

Navigating travel insurance claims can be a confusing process. Our tips can help you better understand the process.
Girlfriends getaway 2024

Guide To Travel Insurance For Women Over 45

You’ve committed to that long awaited dream trip to Italy, or France, or Yellowstone National Park. It’s quite the investment, a few thousand dollars or more. You may
Crostini Toscani

Savor the Flavor: Tuscany’s Top 10 Culinary Delights

Tuscany, Italy, is a region known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and, of course, its incredible cuisine. If you're planning a trip to this picturesque part of

5 Irresistible Reasons to Immerse in the French Riviera and Carnavale Magic

The French Riviera, with its azure waters, glamorous cities, and Mediterranean charm, is a dream destination on its own. Now, imagine adding the magic of Carnavale to the
sisterhood travels to thailand

From Dreaming to Destination: Choosing Your Next Great Adventure

Embarking on a journey is an exhilarating prospect, but with a world full of breathtaking destinations and enticing adventures, selecting the perfect trip can be an overwhelming decision.