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August 25 - 30, 2024



Welcome to Sisterhood Travels’ newest addition to our Adventure Series trips: the captivating and exclusive “Dunanda Falls Llama Trek”! As trailblazers in women-only tours, we are thrilled to present this extraordinary opportunity to explore the unparalleled beauty of Yellowstone National Park’s backcountry.

Embark on a journey starting in the picturesque town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we’ll gather and then venture to a remote ranger station. Our trek through classic Yellowstone lodgepole forests and expansive meadows will be accompanied by the company of our trusty llama companions. Keep your senses alert as we traverse this exceptional wildlife habitat, keeping an eye out for the diverse and majestic wildlife that calls this region home.

Sisterhood Travels llama trek

The highlight of this adventure is undoubtedly Dunanda Falls, a breathtaking natural wonder. Witness the splendor of this stunning waterfall as it cascades over moss-draped cliffs in billowing curtains of froth and mist. Descending the canyon from the falls, discover inviting hot spring pools, offering a soothing soak in 100-degree water with a perfect vantage point to admire the beauty of the waterfall.

Join us for an unforgettable journey where the beauty of nature intertwines with the camaraderie of our sisterhood. This expedition promises not just adventure but a chance to create lasting memories in a setting of unmatched natural splendor.

Frequently Asked Questions


At Sisterhood Travels, our pursuit of unforgettable and seamless adventure experiences for our female travelers remains paramount. As we prepare for the upcoming Dunanda Falls Llama Trek, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Wildland Trekking for this remarkable journey. Our decision to collaborate with Wildland Trekking stems from their unparalleled expertise and decades-long commitment to delivering exceptional trekking adventures. With a wealth of experience and a sterling reputation as the trekking experts, they stand out as the ideal facilitators for our customized Sisterhood Travels excursion.

One of the primary reasons for choosing Wildland Trekking as our partners is their extensive experience in the field. With a legacy spanning many years, they have honed their skills in organizing and leading wilderness treks, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience for all participants. Moreover, their official licensing with the National Parks Service grants them the authority to secure the necessary permits for our journey, simplifying the logistical aspects and guaranteeing compliance with all regulations.

Additionally, Wildland Trekking’s proficiency in managing llamas sets them apart. Their expertise in caring for and handling these animals ensures that our trek with these remarkable creatures is conducted with the utmost care and consideration for their welfare. This specialized skill set not only enhances the overall experience but also reflects our shared values in responsible and ethical travel practices.

In essence, our choice to entrust Wildland Trekking with our Dunanda Falls Llama Trek is rooted in their unparalleled experience, official authorizations, and specialized proficiency in handling llamas. Through this collaboration, we are confident that Sisterhood Travels will deliver an exclusive journey that exceeds expectations, providing our community with an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Dunanda Falls.

Llamas make great hiking companions, and they will be much more than simply the “beasts of burden” on your trip. You are encouraged (but not required) to lead your llama and participate in the care (learn how to brush, saddle and load llamas) each day of the trip. Most people develop such a bond with their llama that they want to lead the same llama every day.  Llamas are naturally curious and very aware of their surroundings, often the first to spot wildlife along the trail. It’s almost impossible to approach camp without the llamas watching you. They enjoy new sights, love sampling the cuisine du jour, and become very much a partner in your adventure.

Llama Treks have a very low impact. They leave no more impact than an elk or a deer. Mules and horses, because they require metal shoes, are known to wear down trails which in turn leads to erosion and water quality degradation. Llamas also eat far less grass and natural grazing resources. One of the great benefits of hiking with a llama is that you get many of the same advantages of a horse or a mule, but without causing damage to the trails in our remaining wild and majestic places.


Ideally you desire to be on a trip with llamas. By this, we mean that a trip with stock animals is different than a backpacking trip in many ways. One big difference is that it takes time for your guide to get all the animals loaded and ready to go in the morning and to unload gear and care for them once we arrive in camp. Also, the pace of a llama trip can be a bit slower than you would walk without a pack and you’ll be expected to hike with the group.

On a llama trip, the animals tend to take on a focus of the trip. These trips are most rewarding when clients want to interact with and help out with caring for the llamas. The tradeoff for not having to carry a large backpack is that llamas do require extra work from their guide/handlers. If you are choosing a llama trek solely on the basis of not having to carry a backpack and do not wish to interact with a llama, this really is not the trip for you.

  • You can expect llamas will need to take breaks periodically.
  • On average, our hiking speed with llamas is around 1-2 mph
  • Each guest is encouraged to lead a llama but not required. Please let us know at the time to register for this trip so that we can prepare accordingly.
  • Llamas enjoy being spoken to in calm voices. They are very calm and can sometimes get uncomfortable if we make sudden loud noises. It is common to hear llamas humming or singing along the trail. They are just communicating to each other or to you and it is not a sign of discomfort.
  • Llama treats, or “cookies”, are provided to supplement natural forage.
  • Llamas do not have upper front teeth so they will not bite.
  • Llamas are very social animals and don’t like to have distance between themselves and other llamas.
  • If you are leading a llama and they get anxious, inform your guide and we can make some adjustments.
  • Llamas do not like their faces, tails, or legs touched. The back of their neck is an appropriate petting area.
  • Never attach a llama to your backpack, belt loop or place your rope under your shoe. The lead rope should be securely fastened around a tree or safely within human hands.
  • Horses tend to fear llamas so we will always give horses the right of way if we see them on the trail.

You’ll be hiking with other outdoor enthusiasts within The Sisterhood. Please carefully examine the trip materials and difficulty level prior to registering for this trip to be sure this matches your ability level.

We make every effort to accurately set expectations and effectively screen our guests. However, it is inevitable on some trips there will be a discrepancy in fitness levels. Consider that the trip may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your Sisters, and it is important to respect each guest’s individual condition, needs, and desires.

Finally, guided groups are required by land management agencies to stay together on the trail. Hiking together can require patience and flexibility. If hiking at a very specific pace is extremely important to you, traveling with our group may not be a good fit for you.

Tipping your guide is greatly appreciated and customary. Outdoor/backcountry guides in general, do much more than lead guests down the trail. Although supported by amazing in-town staff, they often work independently in the field due to permit and logistical constraints. Your guide is responsible for the group’s safety, menu planning (including dietary restrictions), cooking for the group, prepping and taking care of the gear, handling the llamas, driving, complying with government regulations, ensuring guest satisfaction, and generally making sure the tour runs smoothly. They wear many hats and are extraordinary at what they do.

The industry standard gratuity amount for hiking and backpacking guides is between a minimum of $300.00 – $500.00 per person, depending on your level of satisfaction.

On the trail, you will hike with your rain gear, an insulating layer, hat, water, sunscreen, and any other items you may need for the day on the trail. You will receive a 25–30-liter, waterproof stuff sack for your extra belongings and clothing. The maximum weight of this bag is 10 pounds. Items beyond the 10-pound limit will need to be carried in your backpack. Once you are registered for your trip, we will send you an email with a very detailed packing list. It is your responsibility to arrive with the items required. Our Gear Guide will help you to find more information about these items with links to online options.


August 25, 2024

Welcome to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Your transportation awaits to deliver you to our hotel for the night. You are required to attend the Orientation meeting with our guides at 5:00 pm. After, we will head out together for our Welcome Dinner to kick-off our adventure. (Dinner)

Hotel: Mountain Modern

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August 26, 2024

We’ll start off our morning heading west over Teton Pass from Jackson, Wyoming, where we’ll meet up with our llamas and continue on to the remote Bechler Ranger Station Trailhead. We’ll take time at the trailhead to get packed up and and to introduce you to your llama. Today’s hike takes us through pine forests, vast open meadows, Teton views, and at least one water crossing. We will set up a homey camp next to a cool, refreshing creek, and relax over a hearty backcountry dinner.

Shuttle to Trailhead: 2 hours

Hiking Distance: 6.5 miles

Elevation Gain/Loss: Minimal

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Teton Pass
Teton Pass
Sisterhood Travels llama trek

August 27, 2024

Today is a layover day for hiking up the Boundary Creek watershed for waterfall views and soaking in hot springs. We can travel as far up canyon as the group desires, and regardless, will spend substantial time at Dunanda Falls. These falls are special due to a variety of thermal springs and hot pools right in the creek downstream of the waterfall. The view of the falls, while sitting in a hot spring next to a rushing mountain river, is an amazing experience and one not soon forgotten. After a wonderful picnic lunch, plenty of time at the falls, and as much hiking as the group desires, we’ll return to our camp from last night so that we can relax and enjoy another great dinner and relaxing evening.

Hiking Distance: 6 miles

Elevation Gain/Loss: 300 feet

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

hot springs woman

August 28, 2024

After enjoying our delicious backcountry breakfast, depending on our permit, we’ll either stay at the same camp or move our camp to Bechler River. Either way, we’ll spend our day hiking up the Bechler Canyon to Iris and Colonnade Falls to soak in more amazing views!

Hiking Distance: 8 miles

Elevation Gain/Loss: 250 ft.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Sisterhood Travels llama trek13

August 29, 2024

On our last day in Yellowstone backcountry, we’ll head out via a different trail so as not to retrace all of day one. We’ll spend most of our day in the expansive Bechler Meadows, with a chance to enjoy a refreshing swim at one of the several river crossings. Today, there is an excellent chance to see Sandhill Cranes, and the possibility to see elk, wolves, or moose. Later, we’ll depart the trailhead and return to our hotel in Jackson at approximately 7:00 pm.

Hiking Distance: 6.5 miles

Elevation Gain/Loss: Minimal

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Shuttle to Jackson Hole: 2 hours

Hotel: Mountain Modern

Sisterhood Travels swimming Dunanda falls
Sisterhood Travels llama trek
Sisterhood Travels llama trek

August 30, 2024

This morning is the official end to our wonderful adventure together. You will be transferred back to the Jackson Hole Airport for your flight home. No meals are included today.

Sisterhood Travels llama trek

Trip Inclusions


Please note: The information in the following section is crucial for you to read and understand, as it contains important details essential for your experience on this wonderful adventure.

The purpose of EEC is to help potential Wildland participants identify the skills and abilities necessary to participate on a Wildland trip. The EEC for a specific trip, if not met, will disqualify a person from participating in that trip.  The EEC are applied uniformly to all potential trip participants, irrespective of the presence or absence of any disability. The criteria exist for your own safety and that of all trip participants. In order to join this trip, you must:

  • Be in reasonably good health and fitness.
  • Be able to breathe independently without any assistance from medical devices and/or trained professionals.
  • Be able to perceive, understand, and recall the inherent risks and hazards of the activity, including but not limited to those previously identified by the leaders.
  • Be able to stay alert and to focus attention for several hours each day for the duration of the trip and during instruction and trip activities.
  • Be able to independently perceive, understand, and follow both verbal and non-verbal instructions given by the trip leader(s) in all situations and to effectively communicate with trip leader(s) and other participants. During stressful, dangerous, or emergency situations, participant must be able independently to immediately and quickly perceive, understand, and follow both verbal and non-verbal instructions given by the trip leader(s).
  • Be able to effectively communicate with trip leaders and participants including in challenging or high stress situations (such as medical or environmental emergencies) or in challenging environmental conditions which may include conditions of limited visibility, inclement weather, and conditions which require one to overcome loud background noise such as high wind or roaring rovers.
  • Be able to perform self-care and participate in all activities of daily living such as eating, hydration, personal hygiene, toileting (including bladder and bowel control), and dressing, either independently or with the reasonable assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to manage all personal medications, including dosing and administration, either independently or with the reasonable assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to remain adequately fed, hydrated, and properly dressed so as to avoid environmental injuries such as heat-related illness and sunburn and other injuries such as hypothermia and dehydration, either independently or with the reasonable assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to remain active and manage personal care for extended periods of mobility and exertion of potentially over 10 hours per day, either independently or with the reasonable assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to enter and exit a multi-passenger vehicle, which may include a bus, van, SUV, or mini bus, either independently or with the reasonable assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant or assistance of a fellow participant or trip leader.
  • Be able to stay balanced and seated in a multi-passenger vehicle transporting up to 14 passengers, while the vehicle is moving, up to eight hours in a single day, either independently or with the reasonable assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be mentally and physically able to participate in a group setting without negatively impacting or jeopardizing the health or safety of the other participants or trip leader(s).
  • Be able to maintain self-care in an environment where allergen exposure and cross-contamination may occur.
  • Be able to effectively notify or communicate with a companion who accompanies the participant, trip leaders, or other participants of personal distress, injury, illness, or the need for assistance, including in adverse or challenging weather or environmental conditions.
  • Be able to properly wear and use all required protective gear and clothing.
  • Be able to meet the demands of the trip within the time limits set by the trip itinerary and trip leaders.
  • Be able and willing to use public bathrooms, campground bathrooms, outdoor toilets or no toilet at all (which requires the ability to dig a 6 inch hole and squat over it with or without assistance).

In addition to meeting the Universal EEC, each participant on this hiking trip must:

  • Be able to travel over backcountry trail terrain that may be narrow, uneven, rough, rocky, muddy, icy, or snow-covered, has loose soil, or is cactus or sagebrush covered, and which may also have exposed cliffs or ledges, either independently or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to travel over backcountry trail terrain for at least the mileage figures noted in the itinerary for the trip you join, including elevation differential (gain and/or loss) listed per day, carrying personal gear and equipment as described below.
  • Be able to carry personal gear and equipment for a day hike, either independently or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant. Such gear and equipment may include a daypack, at least two liters of water per person, extra clothing, rain gear, sunscreen, food and snacks, and other supplies.
  • Be able to travel for up to one hour between rest breaks and longer if the conditions require it.
  • Be able to endure exposure to diverse and changing weather conditions, including temperatures potentially below freezing (32 F/0 C) and potentially above 85o F/29o C or even above 100o F/37o C degrees, extremely dry and/or humid environmental conditions, high altitude, intense sun exposure, and potentially rapidly changing weather conditions such as dry, hot conditions to intense or extreme rain, wind, lightening, and thunderstorms, including monsoons and flash floods.
  • For trips with stock (i.e., horses, llamas), be able to adapt to the mental and emotional challenges of being near or around horses or llamas.

In addition to meeting the Universal EEC, each participant on this tent-camping trip must:

  • Be able to navigate and travel around a designated camp area which may include physical hazards such as uneven ground, tent stakes and lines, rocks, and other natural and man-made hazards, including in darkness, with a flashlight or headlamp, or with limited light, either independently or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to enter and exit a tent pitched on the ground, including in darkness, with a flashlight or headlamp, or with limited light, either independently or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to sleep on the ground (with a pad designed for ground-sleeping).
  • Be able to get down to, up from, and sit on the ground, either independently or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.
  • Be able to consume water from backcountry sources.
  • Be able to maintain personal health and hygiene in a backcountry setting which does not include running water or flushing toilets, either independently or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant. Backcountry toileting may include the use of pit-toilets, “wag-bags,” and “cat holes.”



Single Occupancy
$ 4299
per person
  • All tents are single occupancy. If you wish to have a single occupancy room at the hotel for the pre- and post-nights, the additional charge is $595 per person

important information


  • There will be a maximum of 10 Sisters on this tour, including your Sisterhood Travels Group Leader.
  • CRITICAL INFORMATION:  This trip requires an additional permit before we can fully confirm it with the National Park Services. Travelers should NOT make any definitive travel arrangements (including flights) until we have been granted this permit by the National Park Service. While we fully anticipate receiving our permit as this is a normal process, please understand that occasionally the park may ask us to shift the trip dates or deny the permit application. We will notify you immediately upon confirmation that we have received our permit. We expect to have our confirmation sometime in April 2024.  If for any reason, the permit is denied, you will receive an immediate, full refund of your deposit.
  • You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire with our tour facilitator to complete your registration and to confirm your booking as well as an additional set of terms and conditions that apply to your trek. This information goes directly to our on-the-ground trekking company and is not shared with our employees at any time.
  • Airfare, roundtrip Jackson Hole, Wyoming (JAC) is not included in your pricing.
  • Once we advise you to book your flights, schedule your flight to arrive on August 25, 2024, no later than 3:00 pm. Your room will be available for check-in at 3:00 pm.
  • Mandatory Orientation Meeting will be held at 5:00 pm on August 25th!
  • You may depart at any time on August 30, 2024.
  • If you need help making flight arrangements, please click here for Airfare Information.
  • Optional Travel Insurance is not included in your pricing. We will send you a quote via email.
  • We cannot accommodate wheelchairs or assistive mobility devices on this trip.
  • There are no refunds for unused portions of this tour.
  • Your guides always do everything in their power to follow the set itinerary. However, it can change occasionally based on temporary access restrictions, weather, lodging/campground availability, client ability/injury, natural events like fires and flooding and other potential causes.
  • Any optional expenses or expenses related to anything not specifically listed in this itinerary are not included.

Need a Roommate?

Cancellation & Refunds

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