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June 30 - July 12, 2025

Iceland Unveiled:
A Circumnavigation Cruise Tailored for Adventurous Women

How would you like to visit the entire country of Iceland? Picture this: a journey where the crisp Arctic air fills your lungs, panoramic vistas of untamed landscapes stretch out before your eyes, and the spirit of adventure beckons you to explore the unknown. This isn’t just any getaway; it’s an Iceland Circumnavigation Expedition Cruise set for the perfect time of year, designed exclusively for those who dream of combining the thrill of exploration with the fun of expedition cruising.

Before we even set sail on this epic voyage, we’ll be treating ourselves to a 3-night/4-day Reykjavik tour, diving deep into the heart of Iceland’s enchanting beauty. Together, we’ll marvel at the wonders of the Golden Circle, where geysers erupt skyward, waterfalls cascade with power, and the tectonic dance of the Earth’s crust is on full display. Then, as we journey along the South Shore, we’ll encounter black sand beaches, towering cliffs, and perhaps even the playful antics of local wildlife. It’s the perfect prelude to our expedition, ensuring we’re fully immersed in the magic of Iceland before embarking on our cruise.

South Shore Black Sand Beach

But the real adventure begins as we board our expedition cruise, navigating the entire Icelandic coast in a way few ever do. With Zodiacs at our disposal, we’ll venture to the most breathtaking and secluded spots along Iceland’s rugged shoreline. Imagine gliding across mirror-like waters to discover hidden coves, getting up close to majestic glaciers, and setting foot on remote islands where the silence is only broken by the call of seabirds. This journey is designed for the bold and the curious, for those who seek not just to travel, but to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure. So, pack your spirit of adventure and join us on this unparalleled expedition cruise around Iceland. It’s not just a trip; it’s an experience that promises to leave us with memories and friendships that last a lifetime.


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June 30, 2025 – Arrive in Reykjavik

We will depart the Keflavik Airport between 8:00 – 9:00 am for our private group transfer from the airport to the Perlan Museum and Planetarium, where you’ll be able to enjoy the day including breakfast in the café and lunch in the restaurant. At approximately 2:00 pm, our private transportation will take us to our city center hotel for registration and check-in. This evening, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy dinner with your Sisters at your own expense. (No meals are included today)


July 1, 2025 – Reykjavik

Today, we’ll take a full-day excursion to the Golden Circle. This evening, we’ll join together for a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. (Breakfast and Dinner)

July 2, 2025 – Reykjavik

Today, we’ll be heading to the fabulous South Shore for a full-day tour. Upon our return, you’ll have free time to enjoy with your Sisters and for dinner.  (Breakfast)

July 3, 2025 – Reykjavik

Enjoy some free time today for exploration with your Sisters. Later this afternoon, we’ll embark for an evening departure on our wonderful expedition ship, the Ocean Endeavor. (Breakfast and Dinner)

Ocean Endevour

July 4, 2025 – Snaefellsness Peninsula

Today, discover one of Iceland’s most amazing coastlines, the Snaefellsness Peninsula, a region known for its dramatic beauty and fascinating geological history. This Peninsula is often referred to as “Iceland in Miniature” due to its diverse range of natural wonders. From black sand beaches to a volcano, a glacier, lava fields, mountains, waterfalls, caves, and craters, the peninsula encapsulates many of Iceland’s unique landscapes in one. Delight in the many opportunities to observe seabirds and marine life as we explore this spectacular destination.

July 5, 2025 – The Westfjords

You’ll be among the lucky few to explore the Westfjords, a region known for its jagged bird cliffs and multi-hued beaches – only about 10 percent of Iceland’s visitors ever make it here! Soak up the breathtaking beauty of the coastal fjords and marvel at the immense mountains that loom overhead. Here, nature’s splendor awaits at every turn.

July 6, 2025 - Siglufjörður and Grímsey

Today, we’ll travel to far-flung Grimsey, which lies upon the Arctic Circle (66° 33’ North) and earns Iceland its title as one of the world’s eight Arctic nations—just barely! 

We’ll take a Zodiac cruise around the island, brimming with a million seabirds, including puffins, guillemots, and gulls, that far outnumber its small human population. Later, you can visit resurgent Siglufjörður that, in its heyday, bustled with activity as the center of the herring fishing industry. Enjoy a wonderful re-enactment at the Herring Era Museum and make some time to pop into the bakery, chocolate factory, brewery, and Icelandic folk music center.

July 7, 2025 - Akureyri

This morning, Immerse yourself in the charm of Akyureyri, Iceland’s second-largest urban area! You can opt to walk up the steps of Akyureyri’s monumental Lutheran church for a stunning panoramic view—it will be well worth it!  Be sure to explore the city’s shops, cafés, and restaurants and enjoy the variety of ten museums for you to choose from.

Stroll through Akyureyri’s botanical gardens which are among the northernmost in the world and miraculously grow several thousand plant species. You may want to enhance your journey with an optional excursion to Forest Lagoon. This captivating oasis is nestled in the Valaskógur forest and offers inviting pools, rejuvenating saunas, and a cozy bistro area, overlooking Eyjafjörður, one of Iceland’s longest fjords.

July 8, 2025 - Húsavík

It’s whale watching time today as we tour Húsavík’s Skjálfandi Bay, known as the whale capital of Iceland. 

Be sure to bring your binoculars to spot the fifteen different whale species that frequent the area, as well as dolphins and dozens of varieties of birds. 

Take advantage of Húsavík’s diverse museum offerings, including the Whale Museum, the Húsavík Museum, and the Exploration Museum, which houses artifacts from Apollo astronaut training in the area.

July 9, 2025 - Seyðisfjörður

Today, enjoy the chance to explore Seyðisfjörður, nestled at the tip of its namesake fjord. Stroll the picturesque town of 700, known for its flourishing art scene, cobbled rainbow road, and excellent handicrafts, or take one of the numerous opportunities for hiking, including a walk up to Tvísöngur sound sculpture on a nearby hill. 

Visit nearby Skálanes Nature Reserve, which is family-owned and operated. Learn about the center’s research and interpretation of Iceland’s environment and cultural history that’s a model for sustainable tourism. 

You may choose to enhance your journey with an optional excursion to Vallanes Organic Farm, where Eymundur Magnússon and Eygló Björk Ólafsdóttir have been organic farming since 1985. Explore their premises with a guided tour, learn about their focus on developing Icelandic grains and vegetables, and savor local products during a tasting.

July 10, 2025 – Southeast Iceland

Soak in the sights of south Iceland, home to some of the country’s most beautiful natural attractions. Explore a unique mix of volcanoes, lagoons, and glaciers—as well as hot springs, geysers, and spectacular waterfalls—either ashore on foot or by Zodiac cruise.

Southeast Iceland

July 11, 2025 - Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar
(Westman Islands)

Learn about the compelling history of this volcanically active area that has experienced two major eruptions in recent times. 1963 saw the formation of the island of Surtsey and the Eldfell eruption ten years later destroyed much of Heimaey, the largest of the Vestmannaeyjars and the only island here that is inhabited. Enjoy a beautiful Zodiac cruise searching for the numerous species of seabirds, including the famous puffin, that nest in the steep rock faces along the ocean cliffs here.

Heimaey view from Eldfell Volcano

July 12, 2025 - Reykjavik

This morning, we complete our journey aboard the Ocean Endeavor. We’ll arrange your transfers from the ship to the Blue Lagoon where you’ll enjoy a Premium Package that includes entrance to the Blue Lagoon, silica mud mask, use of towel, 2 drinks of your choice from the in-water bar, two additional masks of your choice and use of a bathrobe. Once our visit is complete, our transportation will take you directly to the Keflavik Airport for your return flights home this evening.

Ocean Endeavour


The Ocean Endeavors’ spacious, ice-strengthened vessel features twenty Zodiacs, and advanced navigation equipment. A doctor, paramedic, medical clinic, and enhanced health regime offer peace of mind. Roomy facilities offer comfortable travel with plenty of breathing room for all.

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  • There will be a maximum of 20 Sisters on this tour, including your Sisterhood Travels Group Leader
  • Airfare is not included in your pricing.
  • You will fly roundtrip Reykjavik (KEF).
  • Check-in time at our arrival hotel is at 3:00 pm.
  • All flight arrangements must be submitted to Sisterhood Travels on or before February 20, 2025. If you need help making flight arrangements, or to submit your independent flight arrangements, please click here for Airfare Information.
  • Group arrival transfers are provided only on June 30th between 8 am – 9 am from the Keflavik airport to the Perlan Museum to our hotel. Group departure transfers are only provided on July 12th from our hotel to the Blue Lagoon to the Keflavik airport. If you arrive or depart outside these days and/or recommended times, or, if you’re needing transfers or hotels elsewhere, you are responsible for making your own arrangements at your own expense.
  • Travel medical and evacuation insurance of $500,000 USD is mandatory. We strongly recommend that you purchase it at the time your booking is confirmed so that any pre-existing conditions are covered. We will send you a quote by email.
  • There are two elevators onboard the Ocean Endeavor which go between decks 3-6 that do not go to floors 7, 8, or 9. The main decks are on 5 and 6 and the mud room is on level 3.
  • Effective for travel in May 2025, all visitors who do not need a visa to enter Europe may be expected to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver, for a fee, when visiting a Schengen Area Country. To identify Schengen Area Countries and to complete the ETIAS application, please visit
  • Please don’t schedule any optional excursions on your own for this trip, as we cannot promise that you will arrive in time at any location to make your independent excursion. Sisterhood Travels won’t be liable for any expense you incur because of this.
  • Individual gratuities for your Tour Director, local guides, and coach driver as well as the crew onboard the ship is not included in your pricing. We will provide you with tipping guidelines for your trip.
  • We cannot accommodate wheelchairs or assistive mobility devices on this trip.
  • There are no refunds for unused portions of this tour.
  • Dates and times of itinerary as well as hotels listed are subject to change without notice due to operational or logistical reasons.
  • Any optional expenses or expenses related to anything not specifically listed in this itinerary are not included.

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This is a moderately paced itinerary that involves some longer days and more activities. Expect some early hotel departures, and limited time for day time rest and rejuvenation as the itineraries are designed to ensure that you see as much as possible in these wonderful destinations. This may include longer coach journeys and guests should be able to join a walking tour lasting 1-2 hours with stops possibly over uneven terrain. Guests should have reasonable health and mobility and be comfortable with standing for longer periods of time with no difficulty.