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May 12 – May 25, 2025

Embrace the Bella Vita:
An Unforgettable Italian Odyssey with Sisters by Your Side

Welcome to our Italian adventure, where every day is a chapter in a vibrant storybook, and you’re the protagonist surrounded by an inspiring cast of sisters. As we set foot in Rome on May 12, 2025, think less of a schedule and more of a magical mystery tour through the heart of Italy, with surprises and delights waiting at every turn.

Imagine Rome not just as a city, but as a living, breathing story waiting to be explored. Your first days are a blank canvas – paint them with leisurely strolls, impromptu gelato stops, and heartfelt chats with your Sisters. The highlight? A special Welcome Dinner where Italian cuisine isn’t just eaten, but experienced, turning every bite into a moment of joy.

But oh, the wonders don’t stop at Rome’s gates! We’re whisking you away to the Bay of Naples, a gem where the sea winks under the sun, and history is etched into the stones of Pompeii. Sorrento awaits with its lemon-scented breezes, and Capri shines like a jewel in the Tyrrhenian Sea. These aren’t just destinations; they’re the settings for the stories you’ll tell for years to come.

Tuscany vineyards

Then, there’s Tuscany – a tapestry of vineyards, Renaissance art, and streets that sing with history. In Florence, amidst the splendor of Michelangelo’s David, feel the pulse of a city that changed the world. And Venice – oh, Venice! It’s not just a city on the water; it’s a dance of light on canals, a serenade in every gondola ride, a hidden story in each winding path.

This trip is not just about seeing Italy; it’s about feeling it in every laugh shared, every unexpected discovery, and every new friendship forged. It’s about embracing the unexpected, finding joy in the journey, and celebrating the unbreakable bond of sisterhood. So come, join us on this once-in-a-lifetime odyssey where Italy doesn’t just touch your heart, it dances with your soul!


May 12, 2025

Welcome to Rome! Once you pass through immigration and customs, you’ll meet your driver in the Arrivals Hall and be transported to our hotel. Today is yours to rest, rejuvenate, and relax. Perhaps this evening, you’ll join your Sisters for an informal get-together in the hotel. No meals are included today.

Hotel: UNAHOTELS Trastevere, Rome

Rome sunset

May 13, 2025

Today is yours to rest, relax, or independently explore with your Sisters. Don’t forget to come back for our Welcome Dinner featuring regional delicacies and Italian wines. (Breakfast and Dinner)

Hotel: UNAHOTELS Trastevere, Rome

fountain di Trevi in Rome

May 14, 2025

Today, we’ll discover the city on a locally guided tour of Classical Rome, passing by the Baths of Caracalla as well as the remains of the ancient Circus Maximus. During an in-depth visit to the Colosseum, our guide will recount its rich history. Later, we’ll meander through Rome’s Renaissance district for a peek at the mythic Pantheon and the oval-shaped Piazza Navona, adorned with Baroque fountains. This evening is yours to spend at leisure with your Sisters. (Breakfast)

Hotel: UNAHOTELS Trastevere, Rome

May 15, 2025

This morning, we’ll follow a local expert guide on a three-hour in-depth visit through the vast collection of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Our final stop will be at St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the most important churches in Christendom, and until recently, the largest in the world. This evening, our expert guide will take us on an engaging tour of Rome’s bohemian Trastevere district, where medieval architecture meets ivy- clung houses and the lively chatter from the many eateries sprinkled through the neighborhood echoes off the cobblestoned streets. Partake in the local tradition of aperitivo (pre-dinner drink) before we taste our way through Rome’s most representative street food, such as supplì (fried rice ball) and pastas. Top off your culinary exploration with a taste of artisanal gelato and learn how to tell a good one from a factory-made, ensuring you never eat a bad one again! (Breakfast and Dinner)

Hotel: UNAHOTELS Trastevere, Rome

May 16, 2025

This morning, we’ll journey to the brilliant Bay of Naples, where charming villages are built into hillsides above the blue sea. In Pompeii, it’s your choice! Soak in 2,000 years of history at your own pace. Pick between a leisurely paced tour of the highlights -OR- a faster paced visit of Pompeii’s off-the-beaten-path gems. We’ll pause in nearby Gragnano for a late lunch and visit to a pasta factory. Later, we’ll continue to the scenic resort town of Sorrento, our home for the next 2 nights. (Breakfast and Lunch)

Hotel: Hotel Michelangelo, Sorrento

May 17, 2025

Today, we’ll sail to the enchanting Isle of Capri. When we arrive, we’ll admire the island’s iconic scenery on a panoramic cruise, passing by the steep cliffs, endless small caves, and the famous Faraglioni rocks, jutting out of the water. We’ll have time to spend in Capri town with its world-famous piazzetta and explore this island paradise of chic boutiques, lush vegetation, and outdoor cafes. This evening is yours to spend with your Sisters in Sorrento. (Breakfast)

Hotel: Hotel Michelangelo, Sorrento

May 18, 2025

This morning, we’ll head through Tuscany, with its landscape of vineyards and olive groves, where we’ll experience Florence, the “Cradle of the Renaissance.” Home to Italy’s best art and architecture, here is where we’ll visit the Academy Gallery to see Michelangelo’s renowned sculpture of David. Tonight, we’ll enjoy regional Italian cuisine together at a local restaurant. (Breakfast and Dinner)

Hotel: Grand Hotel Baglioni, Florence

May 19, 2025

This morning, we embark on a locally guided tour of Florence, highlighting the Piazza del Duomo and the famous Gates of Paradise on the Baptistery. Wander through the Piazza della Signoria and stand in awe before the imposing Palazzo Vecchio. This evening, we’ll set off on a scenic drive to nearby Galluzzo, a historic town famous for its Carthusian monastery which rests upon one of the beautiful hills surrounding Florence. Prior to dinner, enjoy an after-hours visit to a 14th-century monastery, La Certosa. Revel in the beauty that lurks inside and experience the monastery’s magnificence as you learn about monastic daily life. Then our evening of fun continues at one of the area’s most popular dining establishments. Experience an authentic and traditional dinner served family-style! Savor local wines and Tuscan food and enjoy the entertainment. It’s a memorable – truly Italian – evening out that you won’t want to miss with our Sisters! (Breakfast and Dinner)

Hotel: Grand Hotel Baglioni, Florence

the Piazza del Duomo
Gates of Paradise
Budapest aeriel pano

May 20, 2025

Today, we will visit the ancient maritime Republic of Pisa to discover the Piazza Dei Miracoli and the famous Leaning Tower. We’ll be making a very special stop at a Tuscan winery and farm to enjoy lunch and sample local wines and specialties. Next, we’ll cross the Apennine Mountains enroute to Venice, where 117 islands are connected by a latticework of 150 canals and 400 bridges. (Breakfast and Lunch)

Hotel: NH Venezia Santa Lucia, Venice

May 21, 2025

This morning, we’ll take a wonderful boat trip to Murano Island for a glass-blowing demonstration. When we return, step off the beaten path and see for yourself how the locals live. Explore the Castello district with a local expert, walking canal by canal through the narrow streets all the way to St. Mark’s Square. Admire the stunning Basilica and the ornate façade of the Doge’s Palace. Experience the romance that can only be found in Venice – La Serenìssima – while traveling on its famous waterways. Partake in one of Venice’s most famous pastimes – a gondola cruise. We’ll take a pleasant stroll toward the Grand Canal to board our gondolas. As you relax in your elegant watercraft, your gondolier navigates the Grand Canal as well as smaller side canals. Admire the scenery as you listen to the melodic voice serenading you in true Italian style – just like in those romantic Italian movies! (Breakfast)

Hotel: NH Venezia Santa Lucia, Venice

May 22, 2025

This morning, we’ll depart Venice for Verona, and stroll the streets that were the backdrop for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Later, we’ll arrive in the resort town of Stresa in the breathtaking Italian Lakes District, our home for the next two nights, where we’ll be able to admire the beautiful views of Lake Maggiore. (Breakfast and Dinner)

Hotel: Regina Palace Hotel, Stresa

May 23, 2025

Today, it’s your choice! Take a boat across Lake Maggiore to Isola Bella, where you’ll join an expert guide and venture into the Borromeo Palace and gardens OR cross into Switzerland as our motor coach climbs up the Simplon Pass for a taste of the Swiss Alps. Tonight, we’ll travel by boat to Isola dei Pescatori for a Farewell Dinner surrounded by beautiful scenery. (Breakfast and Dinner)

Hotel: Regina Palace Hotel, Stresa

May 24, 2025

Sadly, our exploration of Italy comes to a close today. We’ll transfer to the Milan airport for our flights home. (Breakfast)

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  • There will be a maximum of 44 Sisters on this tour, including your Sisterhood Travels Group Leader
  • Airfare is not included in your pricing.
  • You will fly into Rome (FCO) and depart from Milan (MXP)
  • You can arrive at any time on May 12, 2025, and depart at any time on May 25, 2025.
  • Check-in time at your arrival hotel is at 3:00 pm.
  • All flight arrangements must be submitted to Sisterhood Travels on or before January 13, 2025. If you need help making flight arrangements, or to submit your independent flight arrangements, please click here for Airfare Information.
  • Arrival transfers are provided only on May 12th from the Rome airport to our hotel. Departure transfers are only provided on May 25th from our hotel to the Milan airport. If you arrive or depart outside these days and/or you’re needing transfers or hotels elsewhere, you are responsible for making your own arrangements at your own expense.
  • Effective for travel in May 2025, all visitors who do not need a visa to enter Europe will be expected to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver, for a fee, when visiting a Schengen Area Country. To identify Schengen Area Countries and to complete the ETIAS application, please visit
  • When reserving single accommodations, be advised that single rooms in Italy are often smaller in size.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of the events schedule at the Vatican, on certain dates it may be necessary to visit the Vatican Museums at a different time.
  • Our boat trip to Capri may not be available due to inclement weather. If this happens, we will make alternate sightseeing arrangements. In case the scenic boat ride around the Isle of Capri cannot operate, we will visit Anacapri village instead
  • Our visit to Murano Island may be substituted with a visit to a local glass factory in Venice in the event of inclement weather.
  • Please don’t schedule any optional excursions on your own for this trip, as we cannot promise that you will arrive in time at any location to make your independent excursion. Sisterhood Travels won’t be liable for any expense you incur because of this.
  • Individual gratuities for your Tour Director and coach driver are not included in your pricing. We will provide you with tipping guidelines for your trip.
  • Optional Travel Insurance is not included in your pricing. We will send you a quote via email.
  • We cannot accommodate wheelchairs or assistive mobility devices on this trip.
  • There are no refunds for unused portions of this tour.
  • Dates and times of itinerary as well as hotels listed are subject to change without notice due to operational or logistical reasons.
  • Any optional expenses or expenses related to anything not specifically listed in this itinerary are not included.

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This is a consistently robust itinerary that is likely to be filled with a combination of long, active days, several early hotel departures and some long journeys by coach. There may be limited time for rest and rejuvenation as you explore these amazing destinations. There may be multiple flights and travel by non-traditional means such as safari vehicles, rickshaws/pedicabs, etc. Guests should have reasonable health and mobility and be capable of walking 1-2 miles over time over potentially difficult terrain which may include hills. Guests should be comfortable with standing for longer periods of time with no difficulty.