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New Bff’s

Sisterhood Travels creates lifelong friendships through unique, exclusive, and adventurous travel experiences.

We all know how difficult it can be at a certain age to make new friendships with other women. Sure, we can join interest groups locally or even online, and we can go to dinner or the theatre with other women, but chances are, we learn very quickly that it is hard to find a friend with whom we have a lot in common.

Developing friendships and bonding with other women meaningfully usually requires more than a 2-hour dinner.

We need intimate experiences and adventures over which to bond, to find that heartfelt Sisterhood connection.

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Exploring the world together opens our eyes to new cultures and diverse perspectives of the world. Sharing these types of adventures with our Sisters we learn how alike we are rather than focusing on our differences. Plus, we see each other for who we are now – our past does not define us. 

When you travel with The Sisterhood, we love to laugh, support, and empathize with our new friends. We have seen women bond over many different experiences during our travels, from sharing stories of loss or hearing a favorite song we all love, toasting our wine glasses at dinner, or watching the sunrises and sunsets together. 

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Whatever the experience, we truly become new BFF’s and Sisters, and when you do bond and when you become truly connected– it takes seconds…It’s MAGIC!


About The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood

Who are our Sisters? Well, we’re you! We value old friendships but love making new ones. We’re intellectually curious and love a unique adventure to parts unknown. We may be single, divorced, widowed, or simply have a partner who doesn’t want to travel. Most of all, We’re kind, compassionate women who look forward to cultural immersion, exclusive adventures, lots of laughs, and the magic of Sisterhood.