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October 4, 2025 - October 19, 2025

Lake Como


Embark on an extraordinary expedition with Sisterhood Travels that transcends mere travel—a celebration of sisterhood, friendship, and unforgettable connections. Our “La Dolce Vita Discovery” is more than just a trip; it’s a journey of the heart, designed with the spirit of sisterhood in mind. Imagine wandering through Italy’s most enchanting cities and landscapes with your new best friends, sharing laughter, stories, and moments of awe. This trip is an invitation to form lasting bonds and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, all while basking in the beauty and culture of Italy.

This exclusive, hand-curated tour is a journey from the chic and sophisticated streets of Milan, through the charming and historic allure of Genoa, to the blissful and serene beaches of Sardinia, and culminates in the majestic and ancient beauty of Rome. We promise you variety, discovery, and the quintessential Italian sweet life, for all of our Sisters seeking an empowering and enriching experience. Each destination has been carefully selected not only for its breathtaking beauty and cultural significance but also for its ability to inspire connection and foster a sense of community among our travelers. Whether you’re sipping espresso in a bustling Milanese café, exploring Genoa’s winding medieval streets, lounging on Sardinia’s sun-kissed shores, or stepping back in time among Rome’s ancient ruins, you’ll do it surrounded by new friends who share your sense of adventure and curiosity.

Our journey is designed to celebrate the power of female friendships and the profound impact they have on our lives. As we traverse Italy’s most iconic landscapes and cities, we’ll share experiences that strengthen our bonds and deepen our understanding of each other and the world around us. From intimate dinners in hidden gems to private tours of historical landmarks, every aspect of this trip is tailored to foster an environment of mutual support, empowerment, and joy. Join us on this unparalleled adventure, where every moment is an opportunity to connect, laugh, and grow together, all under the Italian sun. This isn’t just a vacation; it’s a journey to the heart of sisterhood, where every step is a shared memory in the making.


October 4, 2025
October 19, 2025
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