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April 7 - April 16

26 | Solo Travel For Women | Sisterhood Travels Group Tours

It’s Tulip Time with The Sisterhood!

Our springtime river cruise gets underway in Holland’s colorful capital of Amsterdam. This 700-year-old city offers an abundance of classic architecture, cafés, and restaurants to explore before The Sisterhood embarks on our river cruise through Holland and Belgium.

First, we explore the tiny villages of ‘old’ Holland from where ships of the 16th century Dutch East India Company set sail in search of silks and spices. Then it’s off to Arnhem scene of the famous battle in 1944, before visiting Antwerp, the city of Diamonds and Rubens with its main square lined by the tall step-gabled merchant’s houses so typical of the ‘low’ countries. Then we explore the very best of Flanders in delightfully medieval Ghent. We see Ypres and delightful Bruges, one of Europe’s finest ‘old world’ cities. Listen to the sound of the carillion emanating wonderfully from the instantly recognizable Bell Tower, sip a coffee in the old market square, and reflect on how wonderful life can be. Finally, we discover one of nature’s most spectacular floral displays, the kaleidoscope of color that is the Dutch Bulbfields.

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