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5 Best Holiday Travel Hacks

Reduce Your Holiday Travel Stress

Traveling under the best of circumstances can be frustrating and ripe with complications. Adding the stress of traveling during the holidays can make it almost unbearable if you don’t take steps to minimize potential complications. Here are our five best travel hacks to reduce your holiday travel stress.

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Always fly in a day earlier.

Let’s face it – flying these days is incredibly stressful with all of the delays, cancellations, flight changes, and more. Why make it more stressful when you can easily book your flights to arrive a day earlier than you need to? If nothing is changed or canceled, the worst that can happen is that you have an extra day to relax, rejuvenate or explore.

Always book an additional pre-night of lodging.

Most international flights are night flights designed for you to arrive early in the morning the next day. If you don’t book an additional night at your hotel, you’ll likely have to wait until at least 3 pm before your hotel room is ready. By booking an extra night, you should be able to go straight from the airport to your nice comfy bed.

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Always pack an additional night of essentials in your carry-on.

When your flight is canceled or delayed, or your luggage is lost, nothing is worse than not being able to shower and change. I recently had a 12-hour flight delay, and we were not allowed to collect our checked-in bag, and I was so grateful that I had a fundamental change of clothes and toiletries in my carry-on for the hotel we were provided with. It made all the difference for my 11-hour flight.

Always have contingency funds available.

It surprises me that many people get stuck in airports because they don’t allow enough contingency cash or credit. If you’re delayed, you still must eat, drink, and possibly stay in a hotel near the airport that will not be paid for by the airline. Travel insurance is meant for you to submit a reimbursement if the airlines don’t pay while you are in the situation. Always make sure that you have contingency funds available.

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Always allow yourself to enter your Zen mode.

I always tell everyone that attitude is the difference between an adventure and an obstacle. Remember that no matter what is happening, you don’t control any of it. Attitude is everything! 

Do whatever you need to remain calm, even if it’s a meditative app on your phone. Of course, if you follow our recommendations above, you’ll be much less stressed from the start.

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