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Comparing Apples to Oranges

Especially When You Travel within the United States

We occasionally have Sisters who tell us that a trip we’ve planned, primarily within the lower 48, is too expensive and that they can take the “same” trip with another tour company for a lot less. We agree – but only if you’re comparing apples to oranges! Read further to learn why it’s so important to peruse the itinerary carefully before you sign on the dotted line, no matter what tour company you’re traveling with.

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You’re NOT taking the same trip.

At first glance, by destination and number of days, you might think you’re taking the same trip, regardless of tour operator, but you’re probably not. Hotels and experiences can be customized to meet the wishes of all travelers. Again, you want to be sure you’re reading the different itineraries carefully when comparing the trips.

You don’t want to stay in lodging 50 miles away from your destination.


You know what they say: Location, Location, Location! You can travel with tour companies that will stick you in a 3-star hotel 30-50 miles from where you want to be because they have a contract with that hotel for repeated trips. But seriously? Wouldn’t you rather be at a great, hand-picked hotel in the center of town? A hotel where you can safely and conveniently walk to restaurants, shopping, and attractions instead of spending money on cabs or transportation to get where you want to go? Be sure to know exactly where you’re going to be staying – it truly will make the difference between an incredible trip and a mediocre one!

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Are you taking a cookie-cutter trip?


Even if, at first glance, you think the itinerary and experiences are reproducible from one tour to another, are they? Is your tour operator offering the same trip over and over, despite the dates? That’s no fun when you can travel with a tour company that creates memorable, exclusive experiences to different destinations.

You ARE traveling in the United States…and it’s more expensive.

To travel within the United States is far more expensive, especially on a per-diem basis, than it is to travel internationally. There are many reasons for this, including the post-COVID travel phenomena. What’s that? Everyone in the travel industry suffered severe and significant losses for two years. Hoteliers, airlines, transportation companies, and more are demanding incredibly high prices amidst an overwhelming demand. Add that to supply chain issues and labor shortages, and a perfect storm has been created to increase prices from two or three years ago dramatically.

While we recognize that sometimes a domestic United States trip has some sticker shock, we encourage you to compare apples to apples and not oranges, no matter whom you choose to travel with.

We’d love to have you Join us on our domestic trips and experience the difference for yourself!

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